Request Malware Cleanup

How do I know if there is malware on my website?

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Is your website infected with Ransomware?
  • Get 24x7 support by expert team
  • Get ransomware removal, decryption and remediation
Is your website block by search engines?
  • Get back online and avoid traffic loss
  • Get blacklisting removal from Google, Yahoo, Norton and others. False Positives resolution and continuous monitoring
Is your website hacked or under attack?
  • Remove malware & secure your website
  • Like Backdoors, Spam, Traffic highjacking and Malicious ads
Your web host disabled your website?
  • Detect malware source & attack vector
  • Enable HTTP-based monitoring, FTP-based monitoring, Security audit by experts and detailed scanning reports
  • If you are experiencing at least one of the following issues, check out suggested Website Malware Removal Plans to start with the malware cleanup process:
  • Your website is blacklisted by Google, Bing or other blacklisting authority
  • Your customers pointing out that your website is infected with malware while browsing your website
  • Your website is started to sell Viagra, Cialis, and other Pharmaceutical products but you have nothing to do with Pharmaceutical products
  • Your website redirecting your visitors to weird websites
  • Your website is flagged as malicious by Anti-Virus vendors
  • Your website pages have been replaced with strange content (Website Defacement)
  • Your hosting provider complaining that your website is infected with malware and takes it offline
  • You are getting odd search results while searching your website on Google or/and Bing

How is malware cleanup working?

Website Malware and Black List Removal

The malware removal process is manual and automated. Every cleanup is handled by a malware analyst whose responsibility is to clean-up all the malicious content from an infected website and make sure there are no leftovers. Once website is clean and no malware present, we initiate a blacklist removal. The malware removal process is conducted remotely using FTP/HTTP/SFTP and via SSH if we find that FTP/HTTP/SFTP are not stable enough.

Request Malware and Black List Removal

The process is simple and straightforward. All you need to do is to login into your Allianz WTC user dashboard UI and submit Malware Removal Request support ticket. Once submitted, it automatically assigns one of our malware analysts.