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We specialize in the detection of the web based threats. Our leading website anti-malware platform and solutions help companies quickly establish an efficient cybersecurity risks management to ensure hacking does not disrupt the business.

Allianz WTC is a cybersecurity software and services company that delivers a technology platform and solutions to help organizations monitor and protect their web assets from malware. We specialize on detection of web based security threats: exploits, trojans, worms, shell-codes and other kinds of malicious software.

Allianz WTC provides Website Security Solutions for Small&Medium Businesses, Small&Medium Enterprises and Organizations. Allianz WTC technology helps companies to quickly establish the efficient cybersecurity risk management to ensure hacking does not disrupt the business. Allianz WTC scanning and malware detection capabilities have become a brand in the security industry. We help search engine providers and security vendors to improve the domain/URL safety scoring to make the internet a safer place.


The software, tools, scanning solutions and malware removal framework have been designed for ease of use without compromising functionality. We provide corporate-strength protection against constantly changing landscape of web malware, including viruses, trojans, spyware, phishing and hacking attacks. We develop and build a cutting age, non-signature based and heuristic technology to identify malicious web content. This patented technology is able to leverage Artificial Intelligence in order to detect anomalies, unknown and previously unseen malware.

We have been testing our algorithms for more than 12 years now, sharpening them and expanding the functional characteristics to detect unknown malware bits. Our online scanners are constantly crawling the Internet and process approx. 150k websites and millions of URLs monthly, generating security reports with detailed detection breakdown.

Allianz WTC has become widely recognized as one of the global leaders in protecting website owners and all who are vulnerable to malicious hacker attacks. Our mission is to build a platform that is always up to date with the new threats and requires a minimum human involvement.

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WWW as a major source of computer security risks

Today, when Internet became the primary channel of information and entertainment, propagation of malicious software is very simple and in general based on the exploitation of security vulnerabilities which are frequently discovered in modern web browsers and media viewers. According to Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures database, only in 2010 there were discovered 114 security vulnerabilities in Mozilla Firefox, 172 security vulnerabilities in Google Chrome, 49 vulnerabilities in Opera and 68 in Microsoft Internet Explorer (5,6,7,8).

Allianz WTC supplies cloud services providing protection from web-based security threats and help to keep web-surfing devices away from viruses, trojans, worms and other kinds of malicious software.

Allianz WTC's malicious content detection services utilize cutting edge heuristic detection technologies capable of detecting fully new, previously unknown security threats as well as already known threats which are spread as a part of legitimate web content included in websites. Our technology is based on years of research and systematic investigations of web-based security threats, and it provides very good(high rate) capabilities in the detection of JavaScript exploits, malicious PDF documents and media files that are downloaded and accessed by web browser implicitly during web surfing. Our services run on remote servers and do not require local installation.

How can existing information security solutions adopt Allianz WTC engine?

There is no doubt that a web-based malware is an emerging security threat for websites and web users. The dynamic content has increased the delivery of sophisticated web threats that evade detection by traditional security technologies. Hackers insensibly hack websites by exploiting security weaknesses of hosted web applications, gain access to the hacked Web site and install malware files that further spread to mobile devices and desktop stations.

To improve existing identification capabilities, we have developed a heuristic malicious content detection engine which is capable of recognizing and protecting from various kinds of web threats. Our malicious content detection engine comprises multiple non-signature based investigation and analytic methods capable of identifying JavaScript based attacks, security vulnerability exploits, JavaScript obfuscation techniques and JavaScript packers which are used to hide malicious content from signature/pattern based identification engines.

Allianz WTC investigation engine embeds number of homemade execution emulators which penetrate the analyzed code and detects web treats regardless of targeted web browser or operating system.


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